Insurance Licensing Exam Guarantee

Exam Advantage Test Simulator Guarantee - How it Works

When you purchase a product with the guarantee exam you need to take and pass the guarantee exam within 3 days prior to taking your state exam. If you pass our guarantee exam and then within 3 days take and do not pass the state exam we will refund the cost of the program you purchased!

The guarantee exam can be taken only once.

The questions cover the same material but are previously unseen questions, just like your state exam will be and this is the main benefit to you. If you take the guarantee exam and do not do well, then this is an indication to you that you need to study more! This is why we recommend that you take the guarantee exam 3 days before you take your state exam. If you do well, then you know you can answer questions you have not seen before. You should continue to review the course material and you can take your state exam with confidence!

Following these instructions will help you to pass your insurance licensing exam the first time you take it!.

DEMO - Insurance Licensing Test Practice Questions

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